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Strategic Research Institute is proud to present its 2nd Annual Business of Organics Conference being held Oct. 22-23, 2007 in San Francisco, CA. Bringing together certification experts, top industry experts and marketing professionals, this event is your greatest opportunity this year to ensure certification, learn about new growing organic markets, and obtain the necessary marketing strategies to develop your organic product into a household brand.

Please join Strategic Research Institute in welcoming the keynote presentation: The Organic Challenge: Navigating a Changing Market: Samuel Fromartz, Author of “Organic, Inc.”

The 2nd Annual Business of Organics features an all-star speaker faculty including representatives from: CCOF(California Certified Organic Farmers), QAI, Aurora Organic Dairy, ThirdWay Brand Trainers, New Resource Bank, Organic Prairie, Pizza Fusion, Indigenous Designs, Sustainable Marketing, Success Foods, Foodwise, California Natural Products and Eel River Brewing. Ensure certification and learn branding strategies to drive the bottom line for your business.

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Global Juices & Fruits adds to organic cut-fruit-in-glass line
By Brian Gaylord

Eagle, ID-based Global Juices & Fruits LLC soon will add mangos to its line of cut-fruit-in-glass products. The line is all organic.

The mango item should be on store shelves nationwide by September, joining the company's other cut-fruit-in-glass products: pineapple, papaya and tropical fruit cocktail, all certified organic by the U.S. Department of Aggriculture. Tropical fruit cocktail is a mixture of pineapples, papayas, mangos and watermelons.

The line comes in 24-ounce jars, though a smaller size is in the works for Canada. The line, which started shipping in May, has met with mixed results, said Chuck Watson, president of Global Juices & Fruits LLC.

"Jarred fruit sales are at their bottom in the summer," Mr. Watson said. "There's been a lot of interest. I'm very confident we'll do fine."

The company launched the line when it did in part to make sure it got any kinks out of its distribution chain before volumes get heavier, Mr. Watson said. Global sources its mangos from India and its papayas, pineapples and fruit cocktail items from Sri Lanka. Because it is a new venture, the Department of Homeland Security and the Food & Drug Administration "did a pretty thorough job" of checking Global's first shipment, Mr. Watson said, adding that the company is working in India and Sri Lanka to implement HACCP principles.

Global Juices & Fruits' first product was a line of refrigerated organic fruit juices that was launched in October under the "Earthly Delights Organics" label. With the addition of cut-fruit-in-glass products, the company demonstrated that it is "not just another juice company," Mr. Watson said.

Albert's Organics, a leading distributor of organically grown produce, quickly picked up the cut-fruit-in-glass products. Every month more stores stock the line, Mr. Watson said.

Three "Earthly Delights" pomegranate juice drink varieties include 100 percent pure pomegranate juice, pomegranate cherry berry and pomegranate cranberry. The line includes an orange mango drink. The four flavors come in 12-, 32- and 58-ounce sizes. Global imports all concentrates used in its "Earthly Delights" juices.

The company is making upgrades to its web site that should appear in upcoming weeks. "We'll go into more detail on sourcing and the health benefits of the fruit," Mr. Watson said of the company's web site, noting that the additions to the line were prompted by abundant consumer inquiries. To maintain nutrients and freshness, the fruit is processed at the source and shipped directly to a bottling facility in Florida, where it is pasteurized and bottled.


Spain: Almeria better quality of fresh produce thanks to organic production

Barranquilla - The manager of the firm Clisol Agro, Lola Gómez, declared that the fresh produce from Almeria will improve in the next campaign, which is expected to begin in one month. The main reason of this positive expectation is the reconversion of conventional fields to organic agriculture.

This year, Almeria reached 7,000 hectares of organic cultivation. The quality is also a result of the agricultural practices implemented by agricultural providers who, in addition to raw materials, offer technical assistance to gowers. This is a transitional period, said Mrs. Gómez, but depending on the positive results more growers will join organic agriculture and good practices.

Peppers and tomatoes are the main products from Almeria as well as the main products in the regional organic production. Cucumber is another product that will have good perspectives in the organic production.

Publication date: 8/23/2007
Author: Jahir Lombana
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